Our Vision

The vision of Wright’s House of Hope (WHOH) is to help at-risk girls in the Upstate of South Carolina overcome the challenges in their lives by offering support services from our partners that will help them become self-sufficient young adults.   Our passion is to see these girls take back their lives, achieve their potential, and become productive members of the community.  WHOH is Where Healing and Opportunities Happen.


Our Mission

The mission of WHOH is to help at-risk girls achieve their potential by providing housing with a structured and nurturing environment where they can learn practical life and independent-living skills. The goal is to enable them to gain the necessary tools for self-sufficiency and help them successfully transition into adulthood. 

WHOH serves girls who are aging out foster care, young homeless mothers, and girls who are in transition from the Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ).  The goal is to help these girls break free from the cycle of poverty and dependence and to become the independent and purposeful women they were born to be.

WHOH is a faith-based program that provides an environment which encourages, gives hope, inspires, and challenges at-risk girls to learn skills necessary to survive and thrive as independent adults.  In addition to training in practical life skills, we work with each girl to develop her character, so she will be able to thrive and face the challenges of life with integrity.


Our Goals

Our ultimate goal is to build residential facility so we may serve 15-20 girls.

Phase I (where we are now): WHOH’s Executive Director, Beverly Caligaris, currently fosters 1-2 girls in her home and mentors girls in need.  The plan for Phase I is to build an addition onto Beverly’s house so that she may foster up to six girls.  This will enable WHOH and its partners to help more young women successfully transition from the foster system to life as self-sufficient adults.  We will provide a family-style environment with both love and structure, something that most of the girls will not have experienced before. We want this strong foundation to be their "new normal!"  Once the girls transition to independent living, WHOH will remain a place that they can always call “home.”

Phase II:  In Phase II, the plan is to partner with landlords in the area so that the young ladies can share low cost rentals until they are ready for independent living.

Phase III: In Phase III, we plan to purchase a larger home so we can serve more girls and young women.  This will enable us to provide safe shelter for homeless girls, young mothers with small children, and girls transitioning from the Department of Juvenile Justice.


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